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Sponsee's Page
Recovery ~~Hugz~~

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I would like for you to read some of my sponsee's writings. I think she is doing GREAT job of writing. Finding her feelings, getting to KNOW herself again.
She is doing a GREAT job on her recovery.
And this (writing poems) is to help keep her sober and out of trouble. LOL

*update* Tazslady aka Marianne Has open a site too. I knew this web would keep her out of trouble. LOL Please check her site out! She has allotof GOOD things on it.
**update** Tazslady aka Marianne has made it 60 days now. I knew this girl could do it. ONE day at a time.
{{ Hugz MariAnne }}

TazsLady aka Marianne's Recovey House Take a LOOK around


Goodbye my friend,
My lover and mate.
Goodbye to a dear one
I've grown to hate.
Goodbye to the memories;
The good and bad.
Goodbye to the times
You've made me sad.
Goodbye to my troubles,
My worries and fears.
Goodbye to my heartaches,
My sadness and tears.
Goodbye to the black~outs;
There were a few.
And "Hello" to a life
I'm starting a new.


For My Friend

I hope you know what it means to me
To have a friend like you.
Someone I can joke with
And tease a little too!
Someone that will listen
To all my hopes and fears;
Someone who will understand
And lend me both their ears.
Someone I can talk with
And tell my troubles to.
Someone who will not condemn me
For what I say or do.
I'm glad to have you as my friend.
I don't know what I'd do
If I did not have you as my friend.
I'm glad that someone's you!

Marianne ~TazsLady~


My Reflection

My life was empty
And full of pain,
And tears would flow
From my eyes like rain.
A constant stream
Runnning down my face.
I saw no love,
No mercy or grace.
I could not stand
In front of a mirror,
And see my reflection
Standing there.
All I saw was
Fear and shame,
And the tears flow
From my eyes like rain.
Until one day
I had found my Lord,
Weilding his powerful
And almighty sword,
He lifted me
From my drowning sorrow
And gave me a reason
To live for tomorrow.
Now I can stand
If front of a mirror,
And see my reflection
Standing there,
But also staring
Back at me,
Is the reflection
Of the one
Who set me free.
Written by:
Marianne ~TazsLady~


Pit of Despair

I used to think of my life
As painful and unfair.
Hanging from a real thin thread
Above a pit of despair.
A pit that was filled with anger and shame.
A cauldron of fear and hate.
Bubbling and boiling to the rim;
I believed this to be my fate.
Until the day I bent my knees,
And prayed to God above;
I asked Him for His Care and Wisdom,
Forgiveness, help and Love.
It was then that He lifted me
And helped me to regain
The confidence that I had once lost,
And my sobriety.

Marianne ~TazsLady~