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Recovery ~~Hugz~~

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Here is some Sites I like to visit. I hope you do too *Hugz*

This is one of my things I like to do.
I use Mirc chat program.
I'm on DALnet or Undernet.
Here is a few places I like to go to chat.
Meetings, good chats, good friends and a way to Recover.
DalNet #NA ( A new room, base on NA Recovery )
Undernet #ODAAT
Undernet #AlcoholicsAnonymous
Undernet #AA
Undernet #nachat
Undernet #Womens_Recovery
Now I know you have seen the pretty colors in rooms.
Here is where you can get them
Undernet #Mirc_rainbow
Now for wavs the best place is still on the Undernet.
Undernet #Mirc_Rainbow_wavs
NOW Get ready for some FUN.

Here is my other thing I love to do.Get new wallpapers.. new email stationery for my emails..Good stuff ~~HUGZ~~

Love comes from our heart:
Let it show within you
And others will walk with you

Daily Blessings ( spiritual blessings, humor )

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Rebel's Place


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Crystal Cave



Sher's Art

Hoax Kill (fine out about them chain/warnings letters)

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