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Recovery ~~Hugz~~
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Welcome To My Little Place. Please Grab a C[_] Of Coffee and Kick Back.


Hello everyone. I would like to tell you a little about me.
I'm 42 a single Mother of a TEEN son. I have my hands full. My name is Judi. My Son name is James Mark Aka Jimmy ( or at least that's what I call him). He is almost 17 now. I still can't beleive it. His B-Day is April 15. My Tax baby. he he
He does help me around the house. I only have to remind him. He's a good TEEN. Knows about Recovery. Does'nt hang around with kids that does drugs or drinks. I use to take him with me to meetings. Still do when he wants to go with me.
About the only thing I have to worry with him is, Girl friends and to much time on the web,net.
The man I live with. He's a SWEETHEART. He drives semi's runs all over the 48 states. O Yes I do go sometimes. This way his other g/f's don't know when I'm going to be with him. This is a on going joke with us. I DO TRUST this man. I would'nt have been with him this 11 years. ( Oct 26 1990 )Calls home to see if WE are ok. Calls just to say "I Love you".

I've been in Recovery for 13 years now. Wishing I knew about this years ago. My Life back then was'nt so good. The things I use to do. Don't see how God could love me back then. TODAY I know God was walking with me then too. TODAY I have learned to live my life each and everyday with love, care, and enjoyment. I can't do it alone. And I'm not alone anymore. I have AA tables and the phone list and The Big Book and Other Recovering people. TODAY I have found a new life. With other people JUST like me. Learning to live life everyday One Day At A Time. This life of today is so good. Knowing WE don't have to walk this path alone. WE have a place to go when WE need love or a hug or told to get real.

I live in a small town here in Indiana U.S.A. A town called LaFontaine. Not to much going on here. Yet SO much going on when your eyes are open.

I have 4 pets, Can't live without pets. They bring so much Love,Enjoyment to ones life. I don't know what I would do without my girls and boy. I have 2 pups. One is named HuggyBear. She is our Mother Hen. She gives loves and hugs and kisses. She is 5 years old Rotty. We got her after the breader seen she was'nt right. She was born with a bad leg. That's OK with us. JUST makes her that MORE special to us.

My other girl is named MeaHa. She is 11 years old. She came to me when her other mommy did'nt want her anymore. She was 8 weeks old when we got her. She loves to wake you in the mornings with hugs and her kisses. She is my loner. She will stay on her bed pillow TILL she hear's something or needs outside.

Then I have 2 cats. WHO says cat's and dog's can't live in love? At this house they do.
My older cat is named Puss Cat. She is another pet that was givin` to me becasue her Mother was killed when she was a 4 day old. My friend could'nt take care of her.
Then I have my Spike Lee Baby. We found him under our house this past winter. It was so cold the day we found him.
He was in very bad shape. I did'nt think he would make it through the night. He was covered with blood from his eyes. I washed his eyes with warm milk. He could'nt eat or see a thing. Had to feed him by bottles for a month or 2. NOW, Can't keep him out of the food,out of my flowers,out of anything!. That's ok today. He is my baby. Loves to be held like a real baby in your arms. Will give you loves whenever. Ever have a kitten kiss? or a kitten hug? They are so GREAT!~!~!~!~


What's New? ~~HUGZ~~

~~ * HUGZ * ~~


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